Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology

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You may apply for membership to the LASCT if you live within the geographic boundary described below:

The entire southern portion of the state of California bordered in the north by a line beginning at the Pacific Ocean, and proceeding easterly along the northern boundaries of the San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties to the juncture of the California, Nevada state lines.
In the event that you reside on the boundary line between this society and an adjacent society, you can apply to either society.
If you live outside the above boundaries, but not within the boundaries of another society, an application may be accepted subject to approval by the Membership Committee.

Membership Options:

Local Only Membership

This membership is for the Los Angeles Society of Coatings Technology only and entitles you to benefits which include discounts on LASCT educational programs, receipt of the LASCT Membership Yearbook, and monthly mailings detailing LASCT meetings and social activities such as the Spring Frolic and Holiday Party.

Members who wish to join or renew membership in the LASCT local section can click on the button Apply or Renew Membership above and complete a renewal application and pay online or send a check to: LASCT, P.O. Box 3633, Orange, CA 92857

  • $55.00 – Associate/Active
  • $10.00 – Student/Educator
  • $10.00 – Retired

ACA Only Membership

This includes membership in the ACA only and entitles you to the ACA member benefits which include and an annual subscription to Coatings Tech Magazine, access to and listing in the ACA Online Membership Directory, discounts on ACA educational programs, and access to a full range of members-only benefits on the ACA web site.

Visit www.coatingstech.org for more details.

Classifications of Membership:

LASCT offers memberships that fall under five basic classifications:

  • Active Member – Any individual engaged in the research, engineering, technical development, quality control, or supervisory production of of fundamental to paints, varnishes, lacquers, and other related protective coatings.
  • Associate Member – Any individual engaged in business as a supplier of services, equipment or raw material to the paint, varnish, lacquer, related protective coatings, or printing ink industries.
  • Educator and Student Member – Any individual who is a college or high school educator or who is a student registered in an educational institution of recognized standing in a course of study in chemistry, engineering, physics or other related sciences leading to a degree. This membership will terminate three months after the individual ceases to qualify under the requirements stated above.
  • Retired Member – Any former Active, Associate or Educator Member who has served his connection with the industry by nature of retirement due to age, disability, or for any other reason deemed suitable by the Membership Committee, and is no longer considered a permanent employee in the coatings industry.
  • Society Honorary Member – Any individual, who as a member of the Society, has rendered signal service to the Society or to the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology.¬†This constitutes the highest honor bestowed upon a member of the LASCT.
  • Retired Members In Excess Of 15 Years:¬†For those who have maintained membership in the LASCT in excess of 15 years and are retired, the LASCT will continue to provide LASCT ONLY membership at no cost to the member.

Please contact any member of the Board of Directors or the main office for membership questions.