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Certified Coatings Technologist Course:

The LASCT has sponsored a Paint Technology Course since 1947. The course is comprised of three quarters of ten lectures each. The second and third quarters of the LASCT Paint Technology class have been combined with the Cal Poly Pomona second and third quarter “Fundamentals of Coatings Formulation Science” classes, which provide the LASCT students the opportunity to take part in a legitimate laboratory experience.

Certified Coatings Technologist Course Information

For more information, please call V.C. Bud Jenkins at (909) 260-4263 or visit www.coatingsscientist.com.

Scholarship Information:

Congratulations to all of these LASCT 2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients!!

  • Grace Melissa Araujo – Cal Poly Pomona
  • Kimberly Chang Woo – Southern California College of Optometry
  • Anya Corse – Liberty University
  • Christian Corse – Palomar College
  • Lucas Dominguez – Western Washington University
  • Julia Moreno Jenkins – UC Riverside
  • Alvin Kung – USC
  • Lanni Lam – University of the Pacific
  • Bernice Lin – UCLA
  • Kevin Nguyen – USC
  • Angela Ni – University of Pennsylvania
  • Jordan Kleinman –¬†Charles Miyada Award – UC Berkeley
  • Erica Bilodeau – Dave Kittredge Award – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

The LASCT has for many years awarded scholarships to encourage the academic training of people with the expressed hope that the recipients seriously consider working in the Southern California Coatings Industry.

If you, one of your children, a relative, or someone you know will be attending college next year, then take advantage of this opportunity. Our Society will consider anyone residing within the boundaries of the LASCT who is pursuing a course of study leading to an AA, BA, BS, MS or Ph.D. in coatings technology, physical science, engineering or mathematics. Other areas related to the coatings industry will also be considered. See your LASCT Yearbook and Directory for more information.

The following information forms the guidelines upon which our Scholarship Committee reviews applications and makes its recommendation for awards to the LASCT Board of Directors. Please click on the link below to download a Merit Scholarship application. Print the form, and fax (or mail) the completed document to:

Ryan Yokoyama , LASCT Scholarship Chair
Dorsett & Jackson Inc.
3800 Noakes Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023
(805) 558-9055

The LASCT also awards fellowships to encourage the continued academic training of professionals within the Southern California Coatings Industry.

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